Refrigerant Buyback

A-Gas Americas strives to purchase used or stockpiled CFC refrigerants for the highest price in the industry, turning potential liabilities into success-building opportunities. 

A-Gas Americas works with industry and organizations across the U.S. to purchase and transport used CFC refrigerants – like R-11, R-12, R-500, and R-114 – to one of our state of the art processing facilities. 

These refrigerants have proven to be damaging to the Ozone Layer which potentially contributes to overall global warming.

A-Gas Americas appreciates that customers have options when it comes to selling reclaimed or stockpiled CFCs, but no other company is positioned to provide the turnkey and environmentally sustainable options offered by A-Gas Americas. Our ability to respond quickly and comprehensively assures the material is properly picked up and safely recovered while also offering industry leading payment terms.