Halon 1301


Halon 1301 (Bromotrifluoromethane) is the most effective fire extinguishing agent. Because of its highly effective ozone depleting potential, the production of Halon 1301 ceased in 1994. Since then we have specialized in safely and effectively recycling and reusing Halon 1301.

Product Features & Benefits

Bulk- Halon 1301 can be sold in bulk in any qty over 50lb.

Recharge- Halon 1301 can be recharged into discharged or leaking system bottles. Ask us about our easy cylinder SWAP program! 

Halon Bank- We can bank Halon 1301 for those customers that find they need to build a supply for critical use applications until a suitable replacement can be found. 

Buy Halon- We buy Halon 1301 from anywhere around the world. Fast Payment, Free Shipping & we handle all of the shipping documents to ensure that the transaction is easy, and safe! 

Halon Testing- We can test your Halon 1301 in our AHRI certified laboratory. All Halon purchased from A-Gas comes with a certificate of analysis ensuring your product meets all industry standards.

Compliant- We follow all national & local regulations. We also adhere to NFPA standards and are HARC code of practice compliant!