Carbon Offsets

Carbon Offsets

In those cases where destruction is called for, A-Gas Americas offers it safely, reliably and with all regulated documentation required. 

We offer destruction options for all Halons, CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. Our facilities have the ability to safely destroy these unwanted agents with an industry leading and environmentally friendly 99.999999% efficiency rating.

A-Gas Americas operates the only Plasma Arc destruction unit approved for the generation of high quality carbon offsets.  We are the only developer of carbon offsets that is able to handle the entire development and destruction process in house ensuring our customers receive the highest price for recovered CFCs in the market.

Working with A-Gas Americas is the assured way of choosing the most environmentally friendly customer solution. It also happens to be the most profitable. 

Our ODS projects have eliminated the release of approximately five million tonnes of CO2 equivalent.  We work with large institutions, contractors, large corporations, and individuals to provide solutions that work for them.

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