Our Products & Services

A-Gas Americas offers an extensive range of clean agent fire protection, halon, refrigerants and blowing agents to industries around the world. We also offer a variety of services in the fire protection and refrigerant industries including, recovery, reclamation, separation, destruction, technical data and laboratory testing.

Our Products

  • Refrigerants

    Providing full circle total quality control and handling for all the refrigerants you depend on.

  • Fire Protection & Halon
    Fire Protection & Halon

    A-Gas Americas is the recognized industry expert in buying and selling halon and clean agent alternatives.

  • Blowing Agents
    Blowing Agents

    A-Gas Americas is a major supplier of blowing agents to the foam insulation markets

  • Clean Agent Strategic Reserve
    Clean Agent Strategic Reserve

    A-Gas Americas’ Clean Agent Strategic Reserve was established to enhance customer service by offering the ability to reduce or eliminate downtime with quick recharge turnaround.

A-Gas Americas Environmental Services

Offering Refrigerant Buyback, Safe Destruction and Carbon Offset Development. 

Turning Environmental Liabilities into Opportunities.

  • Refrigerant Buyback
    Refrigerant Buyback

    A-Gas Americas strives to purchase used or stockpiled CFC refrigerants for the highest price in the industry, turning potential liabilities into success-building opportunities. 

  • Refri-Claim® Refrigerant Cylinder Exchange
    Refri-Claim® Refrigerant Cylinder Exchange
  • Laboratory & Analysis Service
    Laboratory & Analysis Service

    Build the value and marketability of your products.

  • Carbon Offsets
    Carbon Offsets

    In those cases where destruction is called for, A-Gas Americas offers it safely, reliably and with all regulated documentation required. 

  • Recovery & Reclamation
    Recovery & Reclamation

    We provide turn-key recovery and reclamation facilities across the globe.

  • Destruction Services
    Destruction Services

    Turning environmental liabilities into opportunities.