Our Team

With operational facilities spanning over 5 continents, A-Gas has a strong global team with a wealth of technical expertise and industry experience. If you have any questions or comments, speak to one of the team direct, or fill in our contact form.

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  • Monte Roach

    Monte Roach

    AGI Global Executive VP
  • Mike Armstrong

    Mike Armstrong

    President/Chief Operations Officer
  • Adam Dykstra

    Adam Dykstra

    Chief Growth Officer
  • Robert Hennessy

    Robert Hennessy

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Mike Fox

    Mike Fox

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Bruce Ernst

    Bruce Ernst

    VP Marketing & Government Affairs
  • Kerry Wolff

    Kerry Wolff

    VP People & Culture
  • Chris Oravetz

    Chris Oravetz

    Director of Operations
  • Thomas Stark

    Thomas Stark

    VP Supply Chain

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Refrigerant Sales

Environmental Services

Performance Chemicals

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