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A-Gas Americas is one of the world leaders in the supply and life cycle management of specialty chemicals such as refrigerants, hydrocarbon blowing agents, and clean agent fire protection. A-Gas offers a full range of environmental services for the recovery and reclamation of environmentally sensitive products such as CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, Halons and associated products.

Our decades of experience, depth of knowledge, and commitment to environmental solutions is unrivaled in the industries we serve. 

Everyday we bring viable, trustworthy and proven solutions to our customers.

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We have various resources available on our wide range of products and services, available on-line and for download. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please contact us to speak with the A-Gas Americas team

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Products & Services

A-Gas Americas offers a variety of services in the fire protection and refrigerant industries including recovery, reclamation, separation, destruction, technical data and laboratory testing. We also offer a wide selection of fire protection including halons and clean agent alternatives, refrigerants and blowing agents to industries around the world.

  • Refrigerants

    At A-Gas Americas we offer a wide array of services and products to the refrigerant industry including fluorocarbon and non-fluorinated refrigerants. We even pay cash for your used refrigerants as well as selling newly manufactured and reclaimed refrigerants.

  • Fire Protection & Halon
    Fire Protection & Halon

    A-Gas Americas specializes in supplying alternative clean fire protection agents globally. We can support any order, no matter the quantity or destination. We also supply reclaimed halon, certified to ASTM, ISO or military specification, and have fire protection equipment available for hire or purchase.

  • Clean Agent Strategic Reserve
    Clean Agent Strategic Reserve

    A-Gas Americas’ Clean Agent Strategic Reserve was established to enhance customer service by offering the ability to reduce or eliminate downtime with quick recharge turnaround.

  • Blowing Agents
    Blowing Agents

    A-Gas Americas are a major global supplier of blowing agents to the foam insulation markets. We have continued to grow with the development of next generation blowing agents, offering a variety of hydrocarbon products to the PIR, PUR & EPS markets, available in ISO tanks and drums.

  • Buyback Refrigerants
    Buyback Refrigerants

    A-GAS Americas strives to purchase used or stockpiled CFC refrigerants for the highest price in the industry, turning potential liabilities into success-building opportunities. 

  • Laboratory & Analysis Services
    Laboratory & Analysis Services

    A-Gas Americas are committed to Carbon Offset project management. We work closely with educational institutions and government entities to manage refrigerant disposal, transportation and destruction of harmful Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and those with Global Warming Potential (GWP).

  • Carbon Offsets
    Carbon Offsets

    In those cases where destruction is called for, A-Gas Americas offers it safely, reliably and with all regulated documentation required. 

  • Recovery & Reclamation
    Recovery & Reclamation

    We provide turn-key recovery and reclamation facilities across the globe.

  • Destruction Services
    Destruction Services

    Turning Environmental Liabilities into Opportunities.

News & Insights

A-Gas Americas is committed to becoming a resource for our customers and suppliers on the latest industry news, regulations and technical information.

  • Event
    08 May 2017

    NAFED Cleveland Recap

    The fire protection team attended the third and final NAFED conference for 2017 in Cleveland,Ohio this past Thursday. The NAFED conferences are held in three locations each year, bringing wonderful keynote speakers and best practices to those that attend. A-Gas is a proud supporter and sponsor of the NAFED organization. For More Information on NAFED please Click Here

  • Event
    24 April 2017

    What Wall… the World Came to Mexico?

    Recently Mexico City hosted the first ever UTech Las Americas. UTech is the largest international organization devoted exclusively to the Polyurethane Industry holding annual meetings that alternate between Europe, the United States and Asia. And now Latin America becomes part of that group of regional hosts.

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